There are so many ways to get from one place to another. While most people prefer walking or riding public transportation, nothing beats travelling than the comfort of driving your own car. Owning a car comes with great responsibilities such as making sure that your vehicle is in good shape before driving it, being careful when driving to avoid accidents, and be aware of the costs of owning one. Travelling by car comes with a lot of advantages. To know what they are, we have listed some of them below:

1.  Freedom and flexibility.

You’ll get the freedom to go make stops at convenience stores or shops whenever you want to. You can also travel at your own pace and make your own schedule. It is also a great thing to note that you will be more ready whenever there is an emergency.

2.  It is much faster

Since your car will be ready anytime in your home, you will be able to leave whenever you want. You won’t need to waste time and walk to the bus stop and wait for one. There are also bus and train schedule that you need to become aware of if you want to ride them which can be a big hassle.

3.  You’ll get to shop easily

Imagine carrying multiple shopping bags on the bus? Very inconvenient, right? There are also chances that you may lose some of your things especially when the bus you are riding is very crowded.

4.  Safety

Although it is hard to admit, we all know that there are risks in taking public transportation especially when you are alone during night time. Crime can happen anytime and anywhere.  You would always have to keep your guard up and be aware of your surroundings.

5.  Reduce the risk of getting sick

Since busses and trains can get crowded, it is easier for us to get exposed to viruses. Just a sneeze from one person can affect many. Another way it reduces our risk of getting sick is that having a car can protect you when the weather is bad especiallywhen there is a storm or if it is snowing hard.

Having your own car is really beneficial. However, there are some disadvantages which hinders people from buying their own car. One of people’s main concern is its cost. A car is not cheap, especially if they are brand new. Add to that the cost of gas, insurance, and especially maintenance.

Along the way, you will experience a lot of problems with your car and we all know that a trip to a mechanic can be quite expensive, even if it is just for diagnostics. Thankfully, there are devices made available in the market which are called the OBD2 Scanner.

What is an OBD2 Scanner and what does it do?

An OBD2 or Onboard Diagnostics scanner is a self-diagnostic tool used to scan your car’s computer for problems. It is connected to the Check Engine light which turns on whenever the system detects a problem in your car. It can detect problems which will then show error codes on the screen to help you determine the problem.

This is helpful since there are cases wherein the problem is as simple as a loose gas cap which can be easily solved and save you money and a trip to an auto shop. Here are some other examples of problems an OBD2 can detect:

  • Fuel Shutoff Valve Control Circuit / Open
  • Ignition System Control and Misfire Detection
  • Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) Heater Circuit Bank 2 Sensor 1
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected
  • Evaporative Emission System Low Purge Flow
  • Engine Idling Control, Vehicle Speed, and Auxiliary Inputs
  • Cooling Fan 2 Control Circuit Malfunction
  • Battery Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
  • Power Steering Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction
  • Transmission Control System Malfunction
  • Excessive Clutch Slippage
  • Water In Fuel Indicator Circuit Malfunction

An OBD2 can also be used to check the status of your car such as the performance, speed, mileage, emissions, and other important information. However, it is important to note that an OBD2 scanner only works on cars that were built after 1996.

What to look for in an OBD2 Scanner

An OBD2 scanner is definitely a great tool to have for owners who loves to tinker with their car or wants to save money and a trip to a mechanic. It is convenient to have one that not only shows the error code but also deciphers what it means.

It can save you time and effort on trying to look it up online or searching for it in the manual. Next great quality to have in a scanner is a screen that has a backlight so that you can easily see the display even in the dark.

It is also advisable that you purchase one that does not require batteries. Finally, make sure not to buy an expensive OBD2 scanner especially if it is only for personal use. There are a lot of inexpensive yet high quality ones in the market so do not be afraid to explore your options.


Owning a car can make your travel a breeze. You get to decide when you want to leave and have the freedom to choose where you want to go. You can also save a lot of time and energy if you have your own vehicle. Another great thing to that comes with owning a car is that it is much safer than taking public transportation.

However, the cost of keeping your car in good shape can be quite expensive. Luckily, purchasing an OBD2 scanner is within arm’s reach. An OBD2 scanner is a tool used to detect problems in a car. It shows an error code depending on what the problem is.

This can be extremely helpful for those who wants to save money from having their car diagnosed in an auto shop. There are a lot of affordable OBD2 scanners available nowadays that offers a lot of great features. So make sure to keep an open mind and explore your options carefully.

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